The firm is born in 1971 and develops him in the consecutive years producing tall jewelry and maintaining today still an handicraft imprint in line with fashions and tendencies of the moment.

The collection of the realized objects includes parures of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants and pins of every kind, constantly products to hand from experts and qualified jewelers and model makers.

The study on the new models is born from a deepened search on the market of the strong demands of the consumer more and more, guaranteeing elevated quality and above all costs of factory that are certain being the most competitive in international circle.

The birth of a new object is followed in every progress of his by the client himself, working so in tuning with its ideas and studying furnished products in exclusive with the maximum seriousness.

The creation of unique jewels and particularly the workmanship of "tubogas" done to hand and snakes to screwed joined sweaters one to one it has been being our specialty for thirty years in which we can say without conceitedness to be also leader in the prices.